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Warning Job Seekers: Do You Know Your Online Identity?
Is your online identity hurting your chances of finding a job? In the age of social networking, it is common for employers to use the web as part of your background check. Stay one step ahead. Learn how to find your online identity and make it shine.
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10 Ways to Successfully Prepare for College
Preparing for college is a goal that both you and your parents need to work towards. It's vital that you take an active role during this process, to ensure that you succeed! If you have been asking yourself, What steps should I take next to move forward in the college enrollment process? Here are 10 ways to successfully prepare yourself for college:
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Am I Too Sexy to Get the Job?
Are low-cut blouses or spike heels a part of your work wardrobe? Unless you work at a night club, dressing too sexy on the job or at a job interview could hurt your chances of professional advancement. You undoubtedly want your boss and co-workers to recognize you for your work ethic and not your curves, but taking the concept of "business casual" too far could end up distracting their attention away from your job-related skills.
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Unconscious Communication
Addressing chronic lateness helps us to better honor both others and ourselves.
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10 Things the HR Department Won
Background checks are more than just a web search
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10 Must-Have Items for College Dorm Life
If you are a freshman or upper class-man returning to the dorms, we have a list of 10 items that will make your life easier. They're not all obvious, but may be the hook-up...
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